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0001957phpList 3 applicationSubscriber Importpublic18-02-05 17:06
Reporterstephenrs Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0001957: Importing does not preserve fixed attribute values (v2.8.11)
DescriptionWhen importing emails using the "import emails with the same values for attributes." option, the attribute value is sometimes not stored. This was tested by importing a list of email addresses with no other attributes, and attempting to set a value for an attribute called "category" to be the same for all imported emails. "category" is defined as a select type attribute, and sometimes the value gets set, and sometimes it doesn't.

can't really tell when or why it works when it does.
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18-10-04 15:23

administrator   ~0002324

I've tried to replicate this, but didn't manage. If you can play around a bit more and try to identify what's going on, that would be great, otherwise I'll have to close this as "unable to replicate".