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0019566phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic07-12-18 20:03
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Summary0019566: Design a template which we can use for the updater layout
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child of 0019388 resolvedxheni Create an automatic updater for phpList to handline upgrading to the latest version 



21-11-18 12:04

developer   ~0061417

have a simple UI which shows steps:
Steps that were successful: Green check
Steps that failed: Red cross

or have a progress bar.


21-11-18 15:34

reporter   ~0061421

I made one idea, which the design is constant to the current dashboard design. I am going to upload it here.
@xheni, What I need is the working process, how it's gonna work, are the small processes to be shown to the users? I also made some other ideas but are something else, nothing regarding the current dashboard design. I can post them if needed.
@Samtuke, any thoughts?
Update template.pdf (271,146 bytes)


21-11-18 15:55

developer   ~0061422

@rudolf The steps that should be displayed for the end users are:
1. Start update
2. Integrity check
3. Download
4. Back up (optional which means the user can choose where to backup the files)
5. Replace files
6. Redirect to admin page where the user can upgrade database (optional)
7. Done


21-11-18 16:11

reporter   ~0061423

@xheni will the user stay on the same page during the upgrade procedure? Like in case there is an error/failure in one of the steps how and were is it going to be displayed?

I think it makes sense the proposed design so it's the same look as in the Checklist page. But, I think it's also important that the user gets to see the steps "breakdown". So, my idea would be this:

While the step is executing display the minor steps it includes in order for easier progress follow up and when the step is done (sucessfully or not) then close them and just show success or failure.

Like, While Running Start Update:
1.Start Update
  Current version is 3.x.x. Update to phpList 3.x.y is available.
  The following file will be downloaded
2.Integrity Check

After the Start update step is finished show:

1. Start Update Tick
2. Integrity check
    Check for expected files v'. Check Write premissions
And so one ...


23-11-18 08:41

reporter   ~0061442

@Xheni, does the design I submitted work good, or do I need to add or remove something (ex. buttons). Also if you want some other design proposal, I can make something else as well.


23-11-18 08:51

developer   ~0061443

@rudolf great work, thanks :) . I actually like the ones that you showed me on mattermost more. Maybe you should share the ideas here too.


23-11-18 09:19

reporter   ~0061445

You are welcome. Actually I like them more too. I am going to post them here, and also one version integrated inside the dashboard.
Update template – 1.jpg (77,720 bytes)   
Update template – 1.jpg (77,720 bytes)   
Update template.jpg (76,818 bytes)   
Update template.jpg (76,818 bytes)   


23-11-18 09:20

reporter   ~0061446

This one is the integrated version.
Update template – 3.jpg (127,408 bytes)   
Update template – 3.jpg (127,408 bytes)   


23-11-18 09:33

reporter   ~0061447

Here you can access the prototype in web browser, if you want to add comments to specific sections. Also if you move with arrows left and right you can see the other layouts.
Pass: phpList2018


23-11-18 10:09

reporter   ~0061448

I like the integrated version better and I think putting it as a separate menu item is the right approach.