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0019515phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic02-11-18 10:22
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Product Version3.3.5 
Summary0019515: Stats for certain messages can get completely blanked out
DescriptionI've wanted to see my Statistics overview and instead encountered error messages (in plural, although it's just the same message twice) about a malfunction table:
Table "usermessage" is marked as crashed and should be repaired
The same error was shown in other stats as well, except clicks (the result of which was a negative percent).

The only solution I've found was entering my database and running a REPAIR TABLE command. The result produced the following info:
Wrong bytesec: 0- 0- 0 at 3061232; Skipped

Obviously users without database access or SQL knowledge have no way to fix this and are seemingly stuck forever with this error and its lack of stats.
I probably can't stress enough the importance of stats. phpList can do amazing things but they can't be evaluated without stats.
When your clients ask you for stats, and you can't deliver such, they won't care how smart phpList is in other aspects.
Steps To ReproduceIt was probably caused because the affected message for some reason crashed in the middle of sending (maybe due to a connection drop) and I've had to relaunch the queue.
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02-11-18 10:22


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