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0019492phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic21-08-19 11:13
ReportersamtukeAssigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version26
Product Version3.4.1 
Target Version3.4.5Fixed in Version3.4.5 
Summary0019492: Design new readme page for phpList 3 on GitHub
DescriptionMake a pretty readme page for the phpList 3 github repo.

For example:
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07-02-19 09:45

manager   ~0061837

I`m working on this issue.


07-02-19 15:36

reporter   ~0061842

First sample, feel free to suggest changes.
readme on GitHub.jpg (912,632 bytes)


07-02-19 18:58

manager   ~0061843

@rudolf I have provided feedback there. Some of it is simply minor text updates, which is not specifically design related - sorry about that.


07-02-19 19:22

developer   ~0061844

Last edited: 07-02-19 19:30

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I would also suggest adding some nice badges for eg: downloads and discourse topics
Please see


08-02-19 10:40

reporter   ~0061847

Thank you for the suggestions, Updated.
@xheni, could you please be more specific on which phrases or sections should I add the badges.


08-02-19 14:37

developer   ~0061855

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@rudolf The badges are set on the top of usually and there are already some as below:


15-02-19 11:32

manager   ~0061902

@rudolf did you see my comments on XD from before?

@xheni it looks to me as if the shields buttons are the same, just centered instead of left aligned, no?


15-02-19 13:16

reporter   ~0061903

@samtuke, yes, except comment 4, which I can't remove because those are the links indicated by the graphics above that section. Only if we chose to remove the links completely. What do you say?


15-02-19 13:23

manager   ~0061904

@rudolf Can the larger icons for these items be linked, thereby removing the need for the additional buttons? Those buttons look like a repition somehow to me.


15-02-19 13:45

reporter   ~0061905

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@samtuke Yes, seems like it is possible. I removed the badges and updated the template.


15-02-19 13:49

reporter   ~0061906

Putting the link here, so anyone can view it (doesn't need permissions):


14-05-19 15:04

manager   ~0062206

Please have a look on this link:


14-05-19 15:18

manager   ~0062207

@brunilda Version number needs updating again from 338 (this was fixed in a previous commit). Also using github style badges for documentation like "system requirements" is confusing, as those badges are usuallyuaes for dynamic content, like test status or version number. I think it's better to use another button style. For those links.


15-05-19 09:55

manager   ~0062208

@samtuke Fixed button version and theme icon issues.


11-07-19 15:12

manager   ~0062557

PR link:


05-08-19 15:26

reporter   ~0062600

Final PR on this: