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0019472phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic21-10-18 18:10
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Product Version3.3.5 
Summary0019472: Sort order of stats should be by Sent, not by Entered
DescriptionJust like #18435, the sort order of Stats unclear. It's unclear because it's obvious it uses the Entered date even though the only visible date is the Sent date.

So please organize (for any subpage of stats) by Sent as it's not only visible but it makes much more sense. I think most people will want to see the stats of the last message they sent first, no matter when it was Entered.

Most of the time those two dates are similar, but not always. For example, if you had a draft, then sent something else and only then sent the draft, you will forever have a confusing order, and good luck explaining that to your clients.
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related to 0018435 resolved Sort order of list campaigns page is unclear 



21-10-18 18:10


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sort order unclear.png (4,742 bytes)