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0019462phpList 3 applicationBounce Managementpublic19-10-18 10:44
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PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version26
Product Version3.3.5 
Summary0019462: Check whether regular expressions are run in 'single line' or 'multi-line' mode when enforcing bounce rules
DescriptionWhen phpList receives bounced messages in response to messages sent for a campaign (e.g. when the email address is invalid on the remote mail server), then custom bounce rules can be applied to handle those bounce messages in customised ways. For example a custom bounce rule can look for the text 'invalid email address' and then instantly add subscribers which have caused such bounce messages to be blacklisted within phpList.

This bounce rule system relies on regular expressions to match the user-specified bounce messages text to an action (like blacklisting).

However it is unclear whether the regular expression (regex) that is specified by the user, is applied by phpList code to a single line at a time, or to multiple lines of text. The answer to this question will determine what format of regex will be necessary to correctly work in certain cases (e.g. for long, multi-line bounce messages).

Check this, report the answer, and include a file and line number reference or GitHub link to allow for follow up work (potentially making the regex mutli-line mode in future if it is currently single-line).

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