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0019446phpList 3 applicationSub-adminspublic12-10-18 17:31
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.5 - RC1 
Fixed in Version3.3.5 
Summary0019446: Inconsistencies with the new admin password function
DescriptionThe form to enter a new admin looks a bit confusing

1) "Send email" is by default selected for "choose how to set password" but fields are displayed for create password and confirm password. Those should be hidden until the appropriate radio button is selected.

2) The captions "Create password" and "confirm password" are in bold, which is inconsistent with all the other captions. The word "Create" is probably unnecessary because none of the other captions have it (e.g "Email" not "Create email").

3) The list of enhancements explains
"New option to specify the password of a new sub-account during the account creation process"
but entering a password directly seems to apply to a super admin as well.

4) There appears not to be any validation that the password has actually been entered. If I select the "create password" radio button and then submit then the new admin is added. That should really be rejected.

5) There is some sort of validation that the two passwords are the same but that appears not to be working properly. It displays "Not matching" after I entered the same value in the two fields.
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05-10-18 14:35

developer   ~0061207

Hi @duncan
 I suppose you haven't been testing it from sourceforge ( ) but from phpList3 repo on GitHub and you haven't pulled the latest changes on Dressprow ( ). There are some js changes that are made in order for that feature to work as you are describing it should.
Regarding 2 is a just aesthetic issue, maybe @suela @samtuke have some thoughts.


05-10-18 15:39

updater   ~0061208

I installed the release file from the link to SourceForge.

But I found that I had to refresh (F5 or ctrl-F5) to make the browser reload all files. Now, as you say, the password fields are hidden unless "create password" is selected.

I suggest that some guidance is added to the release information about needing to do the refresh.


08-10-18 20:39

administrator   ~0061217

We should pull the CSS and JS assets using something like ?v=VERSION to avoid them being cached between versions. That should solve the issue


08-10-18 20:45

administrator   ~0061218

Dressprow does that:

But bootlist doesn't:


08-10-18 20:54

administrator   ~0061219

This should resolve that

As for the actual admin creation function, I think it works ok to allow switching between entering the password, or having it sent by email.


08-10-18 20:55

administrator   ~0061220

This can be marked resolved in 3.3.5 - RC2