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0019415phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic11-02-19 15:10
Reporterblu-IT Assigned To 
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Product Version3.3.4 - RC3 
Summary0019415: Link in status e-mail while sending out messages / campaign is corrupted

when sending out a campaign, I get informed when the sending beginns and when it has been finished.

The status e-mails I receive from the the system contain a link, that is corrupted (http://http).

1. Message when started sending: "....Details about the ongoing processing can be found here: http://http "
2. Message when sending campaign has finshed: "...The results of the sent out campaign: http://http "

I'am using the newest release of phpList v. 3.3.4

Steps To ReproduceStart a new campaign, set time for automatic sending and process message to the queue.
Check the system messages (e.mails) received as admin.
Tagsqueue reporting



15-09-18 10:50

reporter   ~0061113

OK, I'am a litte bit confused now:

The first time I tested with time schedueld sending I was informed of the start and the finsih of the process (with the coruppted links mentioned above).

The second time I only got a "MESSAGE QUEUE PROCESSING REPORT" that was OK and contained a link to:


15-09-18 13:35

manager   ~0061114

@blu-IT Thanks for the report and follow up.

The urls in question have been tested with other installations without issue. The first place to investigate in this case is the values on the config page which relate to installation and page urls. Please check those values are correctly set. These are automatically inserted into links in the transactional messages which you mentioned.


15-09-18 14:15

reporter   ~0061115

@samtuke Thanks for your help!

Where can I find these very special settings? I can't find them in Config -> Settings
I even can't find the page, where the translations for these messages are located.



15-09-18 17:59

manager   ~0061116

@blu-IT The url should be like this (you can also click that url to test it). Settings including:

- Website address (without http://)
- Domain Name of your server (for email)


15-09-18 20:22

reporter   ~0061121


OK, this is the part I already have checked and where I was wondering, because everything is configured (I thought it would be at some other location).
Website address and Domain Name are already configured - otherwise the test campaigns could not heve been sent I think.
This is why I still think it is a bug somewhere, because these settings seem not to be transfered into the mail notifications.


17-09-18 20:32

manager   ~0061124

@blu-IT as I recall from previous testing, there is a web address stored somewhere in the database which is used for URL generation in transactional emails, and which could possibly explain the problem you are experiencing. In your case it would seem to be particularly difficult to check this, as the URL seems to be empty. Nevertheless this may provide some clue. Beyond that, I can't think of any other possible causes.


30-09-18 13:15

reporter   ~0061175

Hi guys,

I'm very new here, ...

I ran into the same issue: I'm using the German translation and was able to track down the issue:
It's in the translation files.

Route (3.3.4):

- admin/action/processqueue.php, lines 727 and 1377 have:
s('to view the progress of this campaign, go to %s://%s', $GLOBALS['admin_scheme'],

that's translated by the phplist.po files, e.g. (a faulty Danish version):
- admin/locale/da/phplist.po, line 4993 has:
msgid "to view the progress of this campaign, go to %s://%s"
msgstr "for at se denne beskeds udvikling, gå til %s"

I guess you get the mistake here. I just replaced and tested in the German versio to:
msgid "to view the progress of this campaign, go to %s://%s"
msgstr "Details zur laufenden Verarbeitung finden Sie hier: %s://%s"

I'll further browse this Mantis interface to properly propose this solution :)

Tschö, Steffen


30-09-18 13:37

reporter   ~0061176

After my test compaign finished, I found another faulty instance (in line 5266):

msgid "to view the statistics of this campaign, go to %s://%s"
msgstr "Zu den Ergebnissen des Nachrichtenversands: http://%s"

It was obviously "http://%s" that also needed to be changed to "%s://%s"

Tschö, Steffen


30-09-18 14:23

manager   ~0061177

@steffen Welcome and thank you for sharing your research.

@xheni Any thoughts?


30-09-18 15:04

reporter   ~0061178

Thanks for your reseach! I can confirm that after changing the code you suggested in the german language file, the correct link is displayed and is usable now.
I had no idea that this could be a translation issue...
So I think it should not be a a big think to fix this for future updates ;-)

Thanks again!


11-02-19 15:10

reporter   ~0061873

The error still seems to be persitant in the translation file. Updating my translation overwrites the manual correction.