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Summary0019384: Localization not working for plugins
DescriptionI'm developing a plugin for phplist. The plugin shall be localized using the .../lan/xx/page.php system supported by phplist core.
But the localization is not loaded... There seems to be a problem with the import order of pluginlib.php and languages.php.
The plugins are not yet loaded when the localizations are loaded.
Steps To ReproduceInstall and enable the attached test plugin into a phplist installation.
Select "Test" in the "Subscribers" top level menu.

Additional Informationphplist version: 3.3.3
tested on ubuntu 18.04 LTS
phpstorm 2018.2, xdebug, apache2

By debugging the application i found out that the localization is not loaded because at the time it should, the plugins are not yet activated.
(see admin/languages.php:214)
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22-08-18 22:11


test.tar.gz (10,240 bytes)

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