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0019284phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic19-06-18 21:25
Reportersuela Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.3.3 
Target Version3.3.4 
Summary0019284: System Messages edits are not applied
DescriptionWhen testing this issue: I noticed than when I edit the system messages (message received after subscription/unsubsciption) the message is shown as edited on the system but the subscribers keep receiving the old version.

see screenshots attached
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18-06-18 08:45


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19-06-18 19:58

administrator   ~0060748

where did you edit them?

Sounds like you edited them in the settings, but you have a subscribe page which has a copy of them. If you edit them there, they will get the updated version.

This is a little confusing, the way the subscribe page content works (it's a new copy of the same content).


19-06-18 21:16

reporter   ~0060751

You are right, I edited the message on the Settings page: /?page=configure&id=subscribemessage
But I don't understand when are those changes (on settings) shown/sent to the subscriber?


19-06-18 21:23

administrator   ~0060752

the settings page ones are used when there are no subscribe pages set up (which is the default) and they are also used to set the initial value when you create a subscribe page. Once you've set a subscribe page, those values will be used.


19-06-18 21:25

reporter   ~0060755

OK, that makes sense. Thanks!