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0019283phpList 3 applicationCampaign Managementpublic01-07-18 10:08
Reporterblu-IT Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.3 
Target Version3.3.4Fixed in Version3.3.3 
Summary0019283: Can't delete e-mail marked as testmail and regulary sent
DescriptionphpList V. 3.3.3


I sent out some testmails set at the last step (6) the options:

"Reset statitics" and "This is a test e-mail"

So far, everything OK. The testmail is sent and when I look in phpList into messages -> sent mail list, I can cancel this e-mail.
But I noticed, that when I click a link into that testmail and the counter in phpList registered this click I can't delete this e-mail anymore for my sent list/statistics.

But as I understand the options "Reset statitics" and "This is a test e-mail" should be possible to cancel *any time* when they are marked as testmail.
Steps To Reproduce1. Sent out a mail and set options "Reset statitics" and "This is a test e-mail"
2. Delete e-mail in messages -> sent list/statistics
3. Sent out a second mail and set options "Reset statitics" and "This is a test e-mail"
4. Click some link in that second e-mail received.
5. Try to delete e-mail in messages -> sent list/statistics, but this option isn't available.
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18-06-18 12:56

reporter   ~0060741

I can replicate this, but I am not sure on what's the expected behaviour @michiel


18-06-18 14:55

reporter   ~0060743


my expected behavior is, that the e-mail and statistics of this mail still can be deleted - even if a link inside the the testmail has been clicked.



28-06-18 16:30

developer   ~0060803