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0019261phpList 3 applicationEmailpublic31-05-18 20:02
Reporterlenko Assigned To 
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Summary0019261: Placeholder [UNSUBSCRIBEURL] works bad in the body but well in the footer
DescriptionI’ve update my Phplist from 2.x to 3.3.3 and now I have a problem with the placeholder [UNSUBSCRIBEURL].

When I insert the placeholder in the body of the message the url is bad, because when I send the email the url missed the “:” of “http”. For example: http//…

But when I insert the placeholder in the footer works perfect:…"

This problem doesn’t appears with [PREFERENCESURL] that works well in both places.
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31-05-18 19:24

administrator   ~0060671

How strange. Xheni, are you able to replicate that?


31-05-18 19:51

developer   ~0060672

@michiel I can't reproduce it.


31-05-18 20:02

administrator   ~0060673

@lenko can you give some steps to reproduce? Maybe give some example content. That might be related.