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0019257phpList 3 applicationInternationalization (l18n)public13-02-19 12:38
ReporterDragonrider5 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.0 
Target Version3.3.4Fixed in Version3.3.3 
Summary0019257: Contact Administrator not translatable
DescriptionIt's been reported in the forums that in 3.3.3 that the new string displayed on the subscribe to our lists page for "Contact the Administrator" is not translated and is in fact hard coded in the lists/index.php file. (Line 375)

Steps To Reproducejust visit subscribe page
Additional InformationI've added the string $strContactAdmin = "Contact the Administrator"; to lists/texts/english.ini

and changed

s(‘Contact the administrator’)



in lists/index.php

This seems to solve the reported issue, perhaps for consideration for the next update?
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28-05-18 07:56

manager   ~0060644

@Dragonrider5 thanks for reporting this. It appears that the string is in fact translatable (the s() function is equivalent to using $GLOBALS['']). But the string is not listed on Pootle ( It may be that the automatic translation process isn't working. We shall investigate.


28-05-18 10:31

updater   ~0060649

It's not quite the case that s() and $GLOBALS[''] are equivalent because they can be using different languages.
s() will use the language of the current administrator, defaulting to $default_system_language, so hasn't really been designed for use on the public pages where there is no current admin.

The public pages have their own default language through $language_module. The strings on the /lists page will be translated using that. So if that is then the preferences text $strPreferencesTitle is displayed as Einstellungen ändern regardless of the default admin language.

I guess that the default admin language and default public page language will often be the same, but someone might want the admin pages to be in English and have public pages in the local language. It might be best to continue using the $GLOBALS approach, although I have no idea how new strings get translated.


29-05-18 09:37

manager   ~0060660

@duncanc Great point, thanks. I wasn't aware of that.


30-05-18 13:05

manager   ~0060665

Potentially related: in the forum it has been reported that this string is also not translating properly: $strPersonalLocationSent
Original report:


30-05-18 14:36

developer   ~0060667