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0019191phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic19-04-18 20:41
Reportersuela Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionreopened 
Product Version3.3.2-RC3 
Target Version3.3.2Fixed in Version3.3.2 
Summary0019191: The number of lists is not placed correctly
DescriptionOn lists page the number of lists is too close to the "Categorise lists" button. Also it should be brought down to be better aligned.

See screenshot attached.
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19-04-18 09:56


ListNumber.jpg (80,490 bytes)   
ListNumber.jpg (80,490 bytes)   


19-04-18 16:00


This has been changed on 3.3.2. The lists quantity is on list title now (see attached).


19-04-18 17:44

reporter   ~0060435

Sorry for the confusion Marie. Unfortunately that hasn't been included on the RC4 release. @michiel can you please include this one on the 3.3.2?


19-04-18 20:00

administrator   ~0060436

I can cherry pick it into 3.3.2 if it's important. If you can let me know which commit it is, I can try to include it in 3.3.2

Mariela, the way it works now is as follows:

1. I branch master into release-XX and we create the RC1,2,3 from that branch
2. development continues on master

So, it's no longer that the new release is created from master at any time. That would be too unstable.

So, currently we have release-3.3.2 as the one for 3.3.2, current master will become 3.3.3

FYI @samtuke


19-04-18 20:34


I already commited in branch release-3-3-2.


19-04-18 20:37


The change is included in this same commit: (read description)


19-04-18 20:41

administrator   ~0060439

Ah, great. That would mean I need to roll out a new version.

I need to figure out why the tests are failing. Once that's fixed, we can proceed. 0019139