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0019182phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic18-02-19 10:33
Reporterlwc Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.3.1 
Target Version3.5.0 
Summary0019182: Please allow admins to provide an unsubscription reason without notifying subscribers
DescriptionI run across many cases when subscribers approach admins to unsubscribe them instead of unsubscribing themselves. In #16900 you said admins can mention an unsubscription reason if they pretend to be the user. That is, if they go to the front-end unsubscription page as if they were the subscribers.

But that means the subscribers get notified. Can you a add an option that they won't be notified if the action is triggered by an admin? Yes, the admin can use the admin unsubscription feature but then they can't enter a reason.



02-05-18 10:46

manager   ~0060507

It sounds like this feature could work like an optional 'note' field for each subscriber. As most subscribers will never have a manually-entered unsubscription field, perhaps using a multi-purpose 'note' field would be more useful? Even then, the field would likely not be used for 99% of subscribers, so adding the column for all subscribers seems like overkill.


07-05-18 10:54

manager   ~0060529

@lwc Feedback please


06-10-18 22:00

updater   ~0061211

@samtuke, anything is better than nothing. If you think by calling it "note" it'll encourage them to fill it then go for it.