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0019158phpList 3 applicationpluginspublic02-05-18 10:38
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version3.3.2-RC2 
Target Version3.3.2Fixed in Version3.3.2 
Summary0019158: Plugin not shown as disabled after upgrading
DescriptionA problem when upgrading a plugin which then fails its dependency checks.

I'm not entirely sure of the process flow but the upgrade appears to be an ajax operation, which means the plugins page isn't refreshed. Therefore, after upgrading, it appears as if the plugin is still enabled. But if I then reload the page the plugin is correctly shown as disabled.

If it is an ajax operation then I suggest changing that to be an ordinary submit.
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02-04-18 14:23

updater   ~0060255

Plugin is shown as enabled


02-04-18 14:24

updater   ~0060256

After reloading the page it is now shown as disabled


02-04-18 14:41

updater   ~0060257

I couldn't repeat this so it looks to be a mistake on my part.