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0019143phpList 3 applicationTheme - Trevelinpublic02-04-18 23:39
Reportersuela Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.2-RC2 
Target Version3.3.2 
Summary0019143: Make successfull operation messages Green
DescriptionCurrently messages that appear when an operation is compleated successfully are shown in red, which is very confusing and that needs to be changed in green.

Examples: Import is successfull, Template is saved successfully.
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02-04-18 23:08


In fact, all results in div "actionresult" are shown in red, no matter what is the result. This is the box that used to have a black border without background and black letters in Dressprow.
There no difference in phplist to indetify if the result in this "actionresult" div is errror result or success result. So I will do this:

- if the text has the word success i will add the class alert-success (green box)
- if the text has the word error I will add the class alert-danger (red box)
- if the text dont have words success or error i will add the class alert-info (light blue box)

Lets see how it works this way.


02-04-18 23:39