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0019052phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic18-02-19 10:33
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.1 
Target Version3.5.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0019052: Create an object similar to #globalhelp to use for large amount of texts within different section of pages.
DescriptionAs #globalhelp can not be used on different sections of the pages it would be nice to have an object similar to that, that we can use to show large amount of texts in different parts of the pages.
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22-03-18 10:23

administrator   ~0060140

Would the long text used by this new object be displayed via JS popup/modal, or how? What kind of use case do you have in mind - e.g. what kind of text on what page, for example?


23-03-18 18:10


We already have a modal object. This is a hidden div that open/close when a help icon is clicked. It will open like the global help, pushing down the content but on the specific place where this help icon is placed. It is something @suela did but using html code of actual #globalhelp div, so we couldnt keep it that way. Thats why I agree with her to make a special object to use it that way.


27-03-18 12:47

administrator   ~0060169

@mariez What is the benefit of having the help content injected into the page and push down the content, instead of being displayed in a pop-up modal?


28-03-18 18:29


@samtuke the benefit for me is answer the requirement of the reporter, as I dont see any harm in the request.
FYI this starts here:


28-03-18 18:31


@suela please agree with @samtuke about this new object description.


29-03-18 12:44

administrator   ~0060206

@samtuke that object would be used in pages where large amount of text is placed within tables.
Like the Import by txt or import by CSV pages were we first came up with the idea.


29-03-18 13:09

administrator   ~0060207

What is specific to tables, or what is the problem encountered when using smothered existing drop down method? Its not clear what problem is being solved.