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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Summary0018972: Can't reopen a Mantis issue
DescriptionI allways get same error (see screenshot)
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26-11-17 22:18



08-01-18 08:41

administrator   ~0059792

This is normal behaviour, see:

only creator or admin can reopen Resolved issues.

I could change the settings, so only if status Closed, it can't be reopened, and Resolved can. Do we want this globally set? If the cases are rare, I don't mind reopening them myself.


08-01-18 13:13

administrator   ~0059793

@mariez It's up to you -- we can make you an admin so you can reopen them if you would like.


08-01-18 13:33


In our old mantis developers and reportes used to have permission to reopen resolved issues. I think we should change settings as it was in old mantis.


21-01-18 23:38


I can reopen now issues i created, but not others.
For example, i resolved this issue created by @samtuke
but i forgot to add an example of use like this: /lists/admin/?page=help#helpCopllapseTwo,
and can't add notes to resolved issues so i need to reopen it. I can't reopen it because i am not the reporter.


22-01-18 10:15

administrator   ~0059877

This option I added before:
$g_bug_readonly_status_threshold = CLOSED;
Now I added this one too, which should do the trick:
$g_update_readonly_bug_threshold = CLOSED;

There are major differences between Mantis version 1 and 2, the defaults have been changed too - that is why we experience such issues.


21-08-18 10:34

administrator   ~0061027

Mariez is adminisrator now, so this should work fine in future

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