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0018905phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic16-10-17 15:03
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Summary0018905: On Segmentation plugin: When Country is set on select the target value is not applied
DescriptionWhen I set "Country" on select when I click on the value to pick a country from the dropdown list, I see the options listed but when I click on one of them the value is not applied. Apart from that even when I click on another part of the screen the list is still there.

This is the case on Dressprow and Trevelin themes on phpList 3.3.2-dev (from GitHub master). Originally reported by @suela.
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16-10-17 14:24


I see the same in Dressprow. Beside "is one of" is not a select object, is a list where you can select multple items. The javascript behavior is ok. I don't know about the "value is not apply" part of this issue. I don't know where that value should be applied. I think Duncan can give a better answer, but i dont have him on the list of users to assign the issue.


16-10-17 15:03

manager   ~0059548

@suela I cannot reproduce this: the country list is a multiple select input, so the list is supposed to remain visible. I can select a country and proceed to the next tab successfully. Please can you clarify what you mean by value selected not being applied?