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0018832phpList 3 applicationInterface - Editorpublic04-05-18 16:10
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Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0018832: Categorised lists not selectable unless super admin
DescriptionI have recently added two users to my phpList install. Both users only have rights to send messages. Both new users cannot select a list to send a message to, they only have the "all mailinglists" option. Only when I promote them to "super admin", they do have the categories-tabs an can select the mailing lists.
Steps To Reproduce- As a super admin, create mailing list categories
- Create a normal user, with only "send message" rights
- Log in as the normal user
- Create a new message and go to the "select mailing list" tab
- Confirm that the categories tabs are not there
Additional InformationThe problem occurs with both the classic and the new theme.
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06-09-17 14:57

reporter   ~0059361

For me it's working fine. Make sure that the non-super-admin user is the owner of the Subscriber List you want to send to, and the respective tab (of the Category containing the particular list) will show up.


08-09-17 18:17

reporter   ~0059368

Thanks for the reply, Appletech. I wasn't aware of the fact that lists have an owner. I think I have a problem then. I am working with multiple editors, who have to be able to send messages to all lists. If I don't want those editors to be super admins, is there another way to let them "share" lists?


08-09-17 21:22

reporter   ~0059370

No, unfortunately not. I have the same problem too.

You can ask the developers (feature request) to extend phplist so as to allow a subscriber list to be owned by multiple users/administrators. This would solve the problem.

The only way two or more admins can use the same subscriber list is that they be super admins (except of course for the owner).


08-09-17 21:51

reporter   ~0059371

I thought that it would be a good idea to add such a feature request, so I added this:


09-09-17 09:44

manager   ~0059378

Another workaround is for them to share login details (use a single account), but I appreciate that may not be enough for your situation.