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0018831phpList 3 pluginsGeneralpublic21-08-17 15:42
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Summary0018831: Fetch RSS Items software error occurred
DescriptionThis is the error message:

Sorry a software error occurred:
Please report a bug when reporting the bug, please include URL and the entire content of this page.

Strict Standards: DateTime::__construct(): We selected 'Europe/Berlin' for 'CEST/2,0/DST' instead in /XXXX/lists/admin/plugins/RssFeedPlugin/vendor/fguillot/picofeed/lib/PicoFeed/Client/Client.php on line 701
phpList version 3.3.1Not modified
Steps To ReproduceOnce installed the plugin "RssFeedPlugin", we fetch the rss items in campaign tab's option called "Fetch RSS items"
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21-08-17 15:42


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