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0018791phpList 3 applicationInterface - Frontendpublic19-11-19 22:33
ReportersamtukeAssigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
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Target Versionnext major 
Summary0018791: Add support for [LOGO] placeholder on public subscribe pages
DescriptionWhen a custom company logo has been uploaded to phpList, add support for it to be inserted into public subscribe pages via the existing [LOGO] placeholder.
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27-07-17 23:35

administrator   ~0059264

IIRC, that should already be there, including automatic resizing:


27-07-17 23:36

administrator   ~0059265

Ah, hang on, you want it in the subscribe pages. I think that works as well. Have you tried?


29-08-17 18:59

reporter   ~0059343

3.3.1: It doesn't work on the subscribe page for me.

In the Intro section, I enter:
<img src="[LOGO]" alt="Logo" style="float: left; margin-right: 10px;">

Firefox displays \"Logo\" - apparently the quotes are escaped & [LOGO] is not expanded. Firebug verifies this.

If I enter the same HTML in the Header section at the end (after the <div class="content">), the quoting is correct but [LOGO] has not been expanded.

If I replace [LOGO] with a full URL (e.g., the logo displays properly.

Thus, there seem to be two issues: Quotes are escaped in the Intro section. And [LOGO] is not expanded in either the Intro or Header sections.


26-11-18 14:35

reporter   ~0061469

@michiel this doesn't work for me on the Subscribe pages


26-11-18 22:50

administrator   ~0061474

No, you're right. It doesn't seem to work on Subscribe pages. This would be good to add as a new feature.