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0018788phpList 3 applicationTheme - Trevelinpublic18-11-17 19:06
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Product Version3.3.3 
Summary0018788: Use standardised button layout below page heading on Subscriber lists page
DescriptionCurrently different pages with tables and buttons related to the tables use an inconsistent button layout. Many pages containing core functionality have buttons either below the page title, or at the bottom of the page table. These buttons should use a common design pattern and consistently position and style the buttons.

Examples of core pages using buttons above or below a central table:

Subscriber lists /lists/admin/?page=list
Find subscribers /lists/admin/?page=users&find=%40
List of campaigns /lists/admin/?page=messages
Manage campaign templates /lists/admin/?page=templates
Statistics overview /lists/admin/?page=statsoverview

All these pages include grey or blue buttons which link to key functionality, positioned either at the top or the bottom of the table. Some buttons are positioned horizontally (floated left or right), while others are stacked vertically. Some buttons are positioned only at the bottom of the main page table, others are only at the top, while others still are repeated at both the page top and bottom.

Suggested design pattern to adopt, such pages:

- Always include buttons at the top of the page only (not at the bottom, or repeated)
- Primary buttons are positioned underneath the page title on the right, horizontally (floated right), with white text and high contrast background colour, as the 'Start a new campaign' button is currently on the 'List of campaigns' page
- Secondary buttons are positioned underneath the page title on the left, horizontally (floated left), with dark text and light background colour, like the 'Categorise lists' button on the 'Subscriber Lists' page
- Both primary and secondary buttons are horizontally aligned, like 'Draft' and 'Start a new campaign' buttons on the 'List of campaigns' page
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26-07-17 11:24


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11-11-17 22:33


This PR change the location of the buttons:
You have printscreens of the results there.

And this PR is for style right buttons, but fist they need to be at the right, so first merge the PR in the application: