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0018767phpList 3 applicationInterface - Frontendpublic07-05-18 17:37
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Summary0018767: Clarify preferences page fields: Do not require replacement of obfuscated email address
DescriptionOriginally reported by TerryR:

Currently the public preferences pages accessed via campaign footer links include two email fields, the first with an obfuscated version of the subscriber address as the default value, the second is empty requiring the address to be entered. Currently both fields must be filled in with a complete and non-obfuscated address in order to submit the form (the address in the first field must be deleted and replaced). However this is not obvious; some users expect that the first field can be submitted with the obfuscated address included. If the email address is not being updated (only other attributes are being changed) then the repeated typing of the full address into both fields seems redundant, given that the obfuscated address is already printed.

Suggest one of two options:

1. The obfuscated address is printed above the form in non-editable form, e.g. (Current address: obf**scated@addre**.com)
2. The HTML placeholder attribute is used to grey out the text, with the placeholder text reading "Existing address: obf**scated@addre**.com)
3. The first field accepts three kinds of addresses:
    i. The obfuscated address, unchanged
   ii. The real address, retyped to remove obfuscation
  iii. A new address entirely
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has duplicate 0019168 resolvedmichiel Can not update preferences due to "Email address you entered do not match" error 


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