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0018758phpList 3 applicationConfigurationpublic02-07-18 20:19
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Summary0018758: Settings page shows incorrect subscribe/unsubscribe URLs
DescriptionWith both $pageroot and $adminpages set in config.php, the settings page shows an old full path to subscribe and unsubscribe URLs. It is unclear where the paths displayed originate from; they are not stored in any value of the phplist_config table. The URLs stated on the settings page are not used in footer links in sent campaigns (the path ststed in $pageroot is used instead). The paths on the settings page depicted in the screenshot should be the same as the URL of the page (

Therefore an incorrect set of paths is being stated on the settings page.
Additional InformationThe result of the following SQL query is bare domains with no paths/directories for both (e.g. '').
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03-07-17 12:37



03-07-17 12:50

manager   ~0059200

Correction: the lt.php links in campaign footers are correct, but the URL they redirect to does indeed use the incorrect links stated on the settings page. Where are those URLs stored?


03-07-17 13:09

updater   ~0059201

The URLs are in the config table, e.g. item = unsubscribeurl.

But those URLs are derived only once, I guess on phplist initialisation, using the initial value of $pageroot. If you later change $pageroot then those URLs are not changed.


04-07-17 11:02

manager   ~0059202

The incorrect URL is not stored in that table -- the value of unsubscribeurl is "", but the url actually used in campaigns is It is not clear where the url is being retrieved from. Logging out and in did not affect this (it doesn't appear to be session-based).


04-07-17 11:45

updater   ~0059203

If you edit one of those fields on the Settings page, how does it appear? Possibly you still have the old value of pageroot within the Website value. See my screenshot


04-07-17 11:45



04-07-17 12:10

manager   ~0059204

When I edit one of the fields, it appears like this:


I ran a query looking for any values containing pl33rc4 in the phplist_config table, but none were found. There is also no reference to it in the config file, so it must be stored elsewhere in the database or on-disk, but I'm not sure where.


11-06-18 21:28

administrator   ~0060716

The value is initialised here:

after that, it is configured however you tell it to, but the domain is replace with [WEBSITE]

The pl33rc4 should be in the database.


02-07-18 12:37

manager   ~0060821

@michiel If 'pl33rc4' is not stored in the phplist_config table, can you think which other table it might be in?


02-07-18 19:40

administrator   ~0060827

No idea. I think it should be in the config table. Can't think where else it would be.


02-07-18 20:19

updater   ~0060830

The values in the config table for subscribeurl and for unsubscribeurl should match the fields on the Settings page.