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0018731phpList 3 applicationTheme - Trevelinpublic21-07-17 23:57
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Target Version3.3.2 
Summary0018731: Radio buttons and checkboxes are not centered in tables
DescriptionIn Dressprow, checkboxes and radiobuttons are centered within tables, but in travelin and coipasa they are not. See e.g. the subscriber pages page (spage.php).
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25-05-17 15:00



16-07-17 23:12


In Dressprow all tds in that table are centered, thats why "default" and "active" tds are centered. As in Dressprow, in Trevelink all tds has same class, so you have to choose: all tds align to left or all tds centered. Trevelin and Coipasa use left align tds.


17-07-17 11:03

manager   ~0059233

Does this mean that in order to center the inputs identified above, a css class to center the tds must be explicitly applied in the phpList 3 HTML? Has any change been so far applied to CSS or HTML?


21-07-17 23:56


This commit add a class to center those tds:

And this commit add a function to center the th of those tds: