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0018513phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic25-06-18 09:10
ReportersamtukeAssigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionreopened 
Product Version3.3.1 
Target Version3.3.4 
Summary0018513: Don't count test message opens as campaign views
DescriptionCurrently phpList counts views of test messages as contributing to the total of the views of the campaign that it relates to. This can cause statistics, especially of smaller campaigns which are tested extensively, to be inaccurate. Do not count views of test messages towards the campaign view totals.
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03-02-17 07:51

administrator   ~0058719

That's what the checkbox "Reset click statistics" does.


17-01-18 15:15

manager   ~0059852

The 'Reset click statistics' checkbox does not result in click stats being reset. Views and opens are unchanged from accumulated test messages when the campaign is queued.


11-06-18 21:30

administrator   ~0060717

can you give some evidence of that statement?


24-06-18 06:15

updater   ~0060771

The viewed count for a message was not reset to 0 until this recent change

There is also a constant RESETSTATS_MAX that seems to guard against resetting stats after a campaign has been sent for real.


24-06-18 06:18

updater   ~0060772

Actually that change had an error that was not fixed until

so has not yet been included in a release.


25-06-18 09:09

manager   ~0060778

Thanks @duncanc. Looks like this is already scheduled for phpList 3.3.4.