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0018418phpList 3 applicationBounce Managementpublic17-07-19 08:09
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Target Version3.5.0 
Summary0018418: FEATURE: Add "hard" vs "soft" bounce detection (ship with pre-configured bounce regexs)
DescriptionSome email marketing platforms differentiate between different types of bounces, e.g. "hard" and "soft" bounce. "hard" bounces are those which indicate a technical issue or clear and/or permanent rejection by the recipient mail server (e.g. "user not found", "addresses had permanent fatal errors" etc.). "soft" bounces are those which may be temporary, relating to user behaviour (e.g. out of office replies, user mailbox full, etc.).

Bounce messages are inconsistent and sometimes inaccurate. However some text patters have clear long term vs short term implications. Continuing to send campaigns to subscribers who have bounced at least once with "addresses had permanent fatal errors" for example is a waste of resources -- subscribers with conclusive hard bounces should have different automatic blacklistling policies applied to them than subscribers with soft bounces.

Soft bounces would be useful for manual review -- list administrators may wish to investigate particular soft bounces and decide which to continue sending to and which to blacklist.

Adding this proposed feature would therefore require:

- build in regular expressions with pre-set patterns for hard vs soft bounces (similar to the existing bounce regex system)
- different auto-unconfirm and auto-blacklist rules for hard vs soft bounces
- the ability to filter hard vs soft bounces in the web UI for browsing
- the ability to add custom bounce regexs to the pre-configured set of hard and soft bounce patterns
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child of 0019292 newsuela [META] Improvements to subscriber address validation to improve send speed 



11-07-18 16:42

manager   ~0060874

It would be good to prioritise this feature into a major release, as it is requested relatively frequently.


17-07-19 08:09

developer   ~0062563

This is a great idea. The 'hard' and 'soft' bounces are theoretically identified by the bounce code... 5xx and 4xx respectively. However, I've seen the major email platforms code the bounces incorrectly... using 5xx codes for temporary, and 4xx for permanent bounces.... the best way is to look at the bounce explanation, and build regex's from those.