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0018407phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic19-07-17 14:51
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Target Version3.3.2 
Summary0018407: Add popup message "are you sure you want to leave this page?" before closing page with unsaved changes
DescriptionIn the campaign editor / Send a new campaign page, warn the user before they leave the page without having saved changes to their campaign content first. Use a pop up message for this stating e.g. "Are you sure that you want to leave this page?".
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22-04-17 19:31


I did it in the campaing editor and in the config form (if some configuration item is open to edit).
This is the commit to Trevelin theme:


24-04-17 06:35

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This change doesn't seem to work properly as it displays the popup even after a change has been saved.

For example, on the Format tab select a template then move to the next tab. At that point the change has been saved but if I click a link in the left hand menu then the popup is displayed.

To install, I downloaded your repository then copied it to the admin/ui directory. Is that sufficient or does anything else need to be done?


24-04-17 15:11


Yes. I found a way to catch if you are leaving send page or just leaving a send tab, but i didn't found a way to catch on send page if there is an unsaved change. I did that in settings page, but not on send page.

So at this point, this is the best i can do for now:
- on setting page warning popup if you are leaving page clicking on left menu and with unsaved changes.
- on send page warning popup if you are leaving page clicking on the left menu, with or without unsaved changes.