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0018341phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic13-02-19 12:28
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.5 
Target Version3.2.6Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0018341: MySQL 5.7 changes the default sql mode
DescriptionMySQL release 5.7 has a change to the default sql mode that causes some queries to fail. See the section SQL mode changes.

Some queries that use GROUP By now fail because of the mode ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY. The problem is that some queries use non-aggregated columns (which is a bug), which are now rejected.
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related to 0018295 closedsamtuke SQL GROUP BY Errors 



15-09-16 21:00

administrator   ~0058248

Any idea which ones? Seems related to 0018295


15-09-16 21:16

updater   ~0058249

Two pages, uclicks.php and userclicks.php have queries using GROUP BY that need changing (including the related issue). I've been looking at those today and should be able to make a pull request tomorrow.


16-09-16 07:22

administrator   ~0058250

brilliant, that sounds great. Looking forward to the PR.


16-09-16 17:25



16-09-16 17:39



16-09-16 21:37

updater   ~0058254


There is an outstanding problem with the user clicks page 'Clicks of a subscriber'. The query for that now fails because it uses a non-aggregated field, message id. This highlights a problem with the current code using the non-strict group by.

A url can be used in more than one message. The results listing has a message column but, as a url can be used in more than one message, mysql will have returned an arbitrary message id value when there the url has been used in several messages.


17-09-16 10:39

manager   ~0058255

PR ready for merging


17-09-16 16:04

administrator   ~0058257

PR Merged. But sounds like it's not all resolved yet? It needs a fix on the user clicks page as well.


17-09-16 19:02

updater   ~0058259

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If you go to this page in your phplist with a user id - admin/?page=userclicks&userid=9999 to see what I mean.

The totals are correct but the Message column in the results is misleading. When a url has been used in only one message then it is correct, but otherwise it is just an arbitrary value from the several possible values selected by mysql.


23-09-16 10:29

updater   ~0058290

What do you want to do about the Message column on the User Clicks page? Leave it as it is?


23-09-16 12:30

administrator   ~0058291

I guess best would be if it's a list of messageIDs, but that may be tricky to squeeze in a single SQL query. Maybe drop the column for now.


25-09-16 10:10

updater   ~0058296

See PR
It lists all of the message ids, with each a link to the message.


25-09-16 17:37

administrator   ~0058297

nice one!