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0018254phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic10-05-17 21:49
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Summary0018254: "We already received your confirmation previously" message on sign up to second list or edit of prefrences
DescriptionIf you have two lists with a subscribe page for each, when a subscriber joins the first list they get a welcome message, however, if they later join the second list, they get the "We already received your confirmation previously" message.

The subscriber does get joined to the second list, regardless of the error message., however, they do not receive the welcome message, which is slightly more serious.

In a scenario with, for example, "general news" and "get a free ebook". If the subscriber signs up to the ebook first and the general news second, then not getting the confirmation for the general news list isn't a huge problem. However, if they sign up for general news first and the free book second, they won't get the link for the free book - which is in the confirmation email for the list.

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