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0018213phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic10-05-17 22:58
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Summary0018213: views count shows multipes opens if same subscriber opens several times
DescriptionThe views count on sent campaigns tab (and dashboard) increases by one each time a subscriber clicks back onto the campaign in their mail client, ie, it's total number of opens rather than total number of openers.

There may be a place for this figure as extra information but the primary figure is the total number of subscribers opening the campaign (as shown on the statistics overview page)

to fix, use the "opens" (not openers) calculation in the sent campaigns tab (/lists/admin/?page=messages&tab=sent) and on dashboard(s), and move the openers figure to a new line on the campaign statistics page drill-down (/lists/admin/?page=statsoverview&id=xxx)
Steps To Reproduce1) send a campaign to 1 subscriber
2) open the campaign, check the sent campaigns tab, it goes to 1 view
3) then click off the campaign and click back to it in your mail client
4) check the sent campaigns tab and it will show 2
5) repeate 3 and 4, the number goes up by 1 each time you "re-open" the campaign
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10-05-17 22:58

administrator   ~0059048

yes, that's why we have views and unique views