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0018195phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic19-11-19 22:33
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Summary0018195: Adding blacklisted subscribers to new list should be made possible
DescriptionThis used to work but we changed it at some point I think. When you import new subscribers to a list, subscribers who are already blacklisted are rejected. I think it would be good if these were added to the list anyway, as they may become unblacklisted in the future. Now we have duncans new red yellow green system it's clear how much of the list are blacklisted at any one time.

This is also useful for spotting which lists, ie: categories of subscriber, have high blacklist proportions. for example, if I import subscribers to a list called "abandoned carts" and that list has a high proportion of blacklisted subscribers on it I am learning something important about my subscriber base and how to communicate with them better.
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02-08-16 18:15

manager   ~0058107

this blocked me today in a task for a client