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0018193phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic10-05-17 21:14
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Summary0018193: lower consecutive bounce thresholds for new subscribers higher for established subscribers
DescriptionWhen adding a new list of subscribers who have opt-in via a medium with a high error rate, eg by writing their email on a form/petition, it is common to have some incorrect emails in the list which need to be cleaned out quickly.

Right now the consecutive bounce count for phpList is set globally, when you have highly engaged, clean lists in general you would set this quite high. It's then difficult to deal with adding in new emails which you know which you know will have a high error rate. Letting incorrect emails bounce 3 or 4 times consecutively become blacklisting is damaging to the IP reputation but then sending an additional confirm email or using the invite plugin is going to throw away genuine subscribers.

It got me thinking that if the bounce count could vary for each subscriber somehow, so new subscribers get only 1 bounce but subscribers who are established get more. That would be super cool!

I am not sure what perimeters would be best, I suppose you could do it by time or by number of mails with no bounce?

Just an idea :)
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