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0018168phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic18-02-19 10:33
ReportersamtukeAssigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Target Version3.5.0 
Summary0018168: Create "new campaign" link in main navigation menu
DescriptionCurrently to start a new campaign users must:

- Navigate to Campaigns -> Send a campaign
- Navigate to Start a new campaign button

I suggest adding a link in the main site navigation to:

"Campaigns -> New campaign" which goes directly to starting a new campaign page.
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related to 0018170 resolvedxheni replace 'entered' date on active tab of campaign composer with 'started sending' date 



01-07-16 01:01


Michiel, can you give me a clue on how to add an item to the main menu?


01-07-16 06:15

administrator   ~0057878

That link is already there


01-07-16 06:53

administrator   ~0057879

I guess you want to review the fact that the "Send" page will present you with draft campaigns (if there are any).

If there are no draft campaigns, it will load send immediately.

This is UX, we can discuss it.


01-07-16 10:05

manager   ~0057882

It would be interesting to know how many clients/users have loads of mails in drafts and just keep making new ones and how many don't. I always have loads of unused mails in draft, which makes this bug related to where the entered date shows up in places.


01-07-16 13:16

manager   ~0057887

mantis just lost all my text here grr.

I just tested 100 active subscribers and 70% of them had one or more draft mails that were older than 2 weeks. The remaining 30% had either no draft mails or draft mails created within the past two weeks.

There were clients in both categories with the "change of newsletter system" mail being the only draft campaign, and the thing to categorise them was just the date of that campaign.

Most of the drafts of those in the 70% were test and no subject, but some had abandoned campaigns with a full subject line which may have either been more polished campaigns which were not sent or sent campaigns which had been re-edited. I didn't check.

Anyway, to summarise, for roughly 70% of clients there is no menu item to directly create a new campaign, and for 30% there is :)


18-07-16 13:48

manager   ~0057981

My suggestion is that

1) If subscriber has no draft campaigns menu stays as is "create new campaign" makes a new campaign

2) If subscriber has drafts already menu goes:

Create new campaign < (stays same)
Edit a draft campaign < (new item when drafts are present)
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