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0018148phpList 3 applicationSystem Adminpublic19-11-19 22:33
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Summary0018148: Separate campaign reply-to addresses for separate subadmins
DescriptionAllow subadmins to specify which reply-to address will be used for their campaigns. This feature is important for multi-client users of phpList, especially where subadmins represent different organisations.
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18-06-16 08:33

administrator   ~0057784

But you can change the From on every campaign. That will be the same as the reply to when reply-to is not set.


20-06-16 09:36

manager   ~0057793

But they want it to be like

from :
reply to:


20-06-16 11:58

administrator   ~0057799

Sure, I understand that. But it's still possible to have different From per sub-account.

Adding reply-to is a new thing


20-06-16 12:17

manager   ~0057801

Ok, I see what you mean: so to clarify this feature is to

1) make reply to address feature
2) allow reply to address to be editable by sub-accounts (like the from is now in the campaign editor)

I checked with sam to be sure