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0018112phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic11-05-16 18:08
ReporterRonald Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
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Product Version3.2.4 
Target Versionnext minor 
Summary0018112: Editing subscription page in subscriber profile
DescriptionThere is no way to edit/change the subscription page in a subscriber's profile. This information is also not exported when using the export function of phplist. This parameter is somehow not seen as important.
The only way to change this parameter is directly in the database, but that is a place a user does not want to go.
This parameter is important because it pulls the right subscribe/unsubscribe/editpreferences form per subscriber.
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10-05-16 12:10

manager   ~0057696

Hi, yes, I agree this should be editable. I think this is probably a duplicate issue.

One thing that will help you - you can use placeholders to specify which preferences page will be used in a mail. You do so like this :


where id= is the number of the subscribe page you want to relate to.

If you wanted to change a individual subscribers subscribe page you can use a workaround where you use a subscribe page as an admin, putting in the subscribers email and using the option to not send a confirm email (shows when you are logged in as admin). This will change the subscribe page setting to be that page id, as it's always the last page used by the subscriber (or in your case by the admin on behalf of the subscriber). I think that works - let me know if not.


10-05-16 14:00

reporter   ~0057699

Yes maybe that can help, but I enter new subscribers manually using the right subscriber page (as an admin).
BUT, it is an issue, related to my mantis post 0018113 (database problem), it should be examined and corrected. The subscriber page (and database entry) is important and should work as expected.


10-05-16 14:04

manager   ~0057700

Yes, I have asked some more info on the forum thread. That issue is very non-standard, I can't replicate it so you may have to bear with us while we work it out.


11-05-16 11:25

manager   ~0057706

@M, you know about this issue cause or do I need to research more and verify still? I see you assigned to next patch already


11-05-16 18:08

administrator   ~0057711

I mixed it up with the other issue when I classified it. But yes, I've always wanted to do more with this value, and it is true that it is a bit under-valued and can do with looking at.

It should be next minor