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0018095phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic19-11-19 22:33
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Summary0018095: ckeditor and side bar conflict when editor is expanded
DescriptionSee screenshot - is it fixable you think?
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19-04-16 15:54



09-05-16 21:25


Fix commited on dressprow. Pull request sent:


09-05-16 22:21


Tarek already merged. Now need to re-minify dressprow and dressprow-ph. This can't be tested in dev.phplist because ckeditor is not loading, but can be tested in


10-05-16 09:47

updater   ~0057694

mariez - your comment in the pull request

this prevent the editor and textareas be bigger than content box, even if user set bigger width in settings page of phplist.

I'm not sure that the editor width in the original screenshot was caused by specifying a large width, as the ckeditor plugin allows a maximum of 800px. I think that there might be some other way of expanding the editor window. There is a "maximise" button on the toolbar but in my configuration that fills the whole browser window.

Anna - what did you do to make the editor have the large width shown in your screenshot?


10-05-16 10:21

manager   ~0057695

duncan, indeed, there are two ways

1) change the editngs in the edtor
2) drag and editor wider with the bottom right corner

I did number 2, I haven't tried number 1 yet.


10-05-16 16:29


Duncan, on Dressprow theme the content box is 700px.


11-05-16 07:08

updater   ~0057705

Anna, which browser were you using? In both Firefox and Chromium I can only reduce or expand the height of the area, not the width. The same applies to other text areas, such as that for entering a bounce rule.

I can see that having the edit area overlapping the side-bar doesn't look great, but I think that it is an exceptional case. If someone expands the area, either by the plugin's settings or dragging, then I guess that they really want to see it that wide in order to see all the content. The proposed change of limiting the width will, I think, introduce a horizontal scroll bar when the content is wider than 700px.


11-05-16 11:29



11-05-16 11:32

manager   ~0057707

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firefox on linux, see video


11-05-16 19:23


Anna, Duncan, ckeditor has a button to maximize the editor to fullscreen. I don't know why is not loading on dev sites, maybe the configuration of ckeditor. I am attaching images of my local install with this maximize property.


11-05-16 19:23



11-05-16 19:24



12-05-16 10:15

manager   ~0057717

Marie - looks great! So the idea would be for us to

1) Turn on that setting
2) Turn off the corner drag and set width settings

That solves our issue without any work to phpList itself, perfect!

Duncan, can I clarify are the discrepancies between my version and yours caused by mine being on .com and yours being self-hosted (ie has M changed some settings) or is it a browser thing?


12-05-16 11:00

updater   ~0057718

To summarise:

With default settings for ckeditor and the plugin, the edit area is within the phplist content box (700px wide). If the user's content is actually wider than that, say a table of width 800px, then a horizontal scroll bar will be displayed. That's fine.

If the user increases the plugin's width setting, say to 800px, then the area will currently overlap the right sidebar. Marie's css change will stop that happening by limiting the edit area to the phplist content box, so a scroll bar will then be displayed.
That change will also stop someone dragging the editor wider than the phplist content box (I have now got that to work). These are all fine for me.

The default ckeditor toolbar includes the maximise button, so people can also use that if they have some really wide content.

I have no knowledge of how ckeditor has been installed on


24-05-16 17:29


Hi, Michiel, for some reason, hosted accounts text editor is not loading all buttons. ckeditor has a button to maximize screen. I is on donwload version of phplist by dafault, it is on my local install of phplist (see image attached). Is there a way to have this button in hosted accounts text editor too?