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0018071phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic16-01-19 09:56
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Product Version3.2.4 
Summary0018071: Allow specifying of prefrences page with url
DescriptionAllow something like this:

<a href=”[PREFRENCESURL]&=8””title=Your special offer preferences”</a>

to be used to send subscribers to the preference page based on subscribe page 8, regardless of what their default subscribe page is.

Full description of use being written but not yet finished.
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18-04-16 19:53

administrator   ~0057631

Without click tracking

<a href=”[PREFERENCESURL]&=8” title=Your special offer preferences”>Special Offer</a>

works as expected.

With clicktracking enabled it doesn't, so that's where it needs to be fixed.


18-04-16 20:52

administrator   ~0057632

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With click tracking

 <a href=”[PREFERENCESURL]&amp ;=8” title=Your special offer preferences”>Special Offer</a>



18-04-16 20:58

administrator   ~0057633

sorry, mantis mangles the code, but basically:

with clicktracking you need to write & amp; (without space) instead of &


19-04-16 09:24

manager   ~0057637

I still can't get

<a href=”[PREFERENCESURL]&=8” title=Your special offer preferences”>Special Offer</a>

working with or without click tracking. From the code above I get

Special Offer=0A<=E2=80=9D

in the email. It's not a click-able link, guess the html isn't right. If I extract the url and move it to a browser manually I get a whitepage (see screenshot)


19-04-16 09:24



19-04-16 11:21

manager   ~0057638

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In the URLs above there's a missing "id" -- working URLs specifying the subscribe page template used on preferences page look like:

In a campaign composition window (with editor GUI turned off) this looks like (linked to pastebin for 1 month as Mantis is incapable of printing code unparsed):

If the & character is not properly used as an HTML entity then the resulting URL will be malformed after parsing during sending. E.g. this in the campaign editor:


Will be presented in email as this malformed link, which does not properly pass the ID parameter via GET, and will result in the default preferences page being presented:

Notice that the id is included as &id, not &id=8


19-04-16 11:42

manager   ~0057639


I have now tested this placeholder+html code (patebin 1 month)

with the ckeditor on and it works well, you can indeed specify the page.

any small error in the html causes big issues with the editor on though, it's all a lot easier to use with the editor off. I will mostly be using this in the footer so it's not too affected by the editor thankfully :)

Click tracking seems to work fine etc.


19-04-16 12:05

administrator   ~0057641

without the editor, you need to use "& amp;" instead of "&" and it will work


19-04-16 14:43

manager   ~0057646

yes, I think we have this working now - good stuff!

I think it always needs the amp;, it does not work at all without it - with or without the editor, but with amp it works all the time :) all good :)