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0018016phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic21-06-18 13:01
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Product Version3.2.4 
Summary0018016: Click for instant list membership
DescriptionIt would be cool to have a system where you can say in a campaign

"If you want to be kept up to date with news about NASA click here"

and the clicking automatically opts the subscriber into a new list about nasa.

This could also be used for setting preferences.

If you don't want any more mails about NASA click here

Then you use the "no-nasa-news" list as a list exclude in future mails.

This is good for specialist shops like Ethical Pets, we could have a "never mail me about meat products" for example.

I think uptake on these would be better than using a preferences url, which has extra steps.



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16-02-16 20:28

administrator   ~0057510

that goes against the double opt-in policy. I can see it done with a plugin, but not with core


17-02-16 10:47

manager   ~0057514

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these are for people already on the lists and already opted in though, ie, it cant confirm your subscription, you have to be subscribed to get the mail


17-02-16 22:38

administrator   ~0057517

ah, yes, I can see that being useful. Also would allow things like voting:

click X to vote Yes click Y to vote NO etc.


18-02-16 09:33

manager   ~0057518

yes! amazing idea :) love it!


28-07-16 18:31

manager   ~0058077

A placeholder could be used, like

[NASA-ON] to join that list.


28-07-16 19:06

updater   ~0058078

The Subscribers plugin provides such a placeholder [LISTSUBSCRIBE:N]


28-07-16 19:17

manager   ~0058080

awesome! I have created this in relation to some proposed additions to the invite plugin btw