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0018003phpList 3 applicationBounce Managementpublic19-11-19 22:33
Reporterutagawa Assigned To 
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Product Version3.2.4 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0018003: Feedback loops
DescriptionCould it be possible to implement a secondary bounce system to parse a specific mailbox with messages coming form the main ISP feedback loop systems in order to blacklist users that have reported our campaings as spam (without most of the time unsuscribing to the mailing list in phplist)
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duplicate of 0017983 new phpList 3 plugins Feedback Loop Spam reports processing 



06-02-16 16:23

administrator   ~0057488

Yes, we do that with accounts. It could be made a plugin or something. The main work for this is not in the code, but more in the process to set up the feedback loops.


14-04-19 17:02

reporter   ~0062087

Any chance to add in phplist main code an email header like suggested by Google :

Feedback-ID: CampaignIDX:CustomerID2:MailTypeID3:SenderId

Mod implemented in class.phplistmailer.php line 62, add :

$this->addCustomHeader('Feedback-ID: '.$messageid.':<SenderId>');

Where SenderID should be a parameter gathered either from config.php or from phplist parameters


23-04-19 10:09

manager   ~0062114

@michiel Thoughts on supporting ?


23-04-19 19:03

administrator   ~0062123

I've pasted the URL on MM