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0017991phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic16-06-16 10:16
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Summary0017991: Add .com blog feed to self-hosted news
DescriptionSo we also need to be able to add .com news to the self-hosted install news feed.

Michiel: can we add this to the code of the widget for the next version, so it brings both feeds together into the feed? Is it easy to do or a big job?

If it's doable can you assign to marie:

Marie: can you make a category in the .com blog for this

Rockin :)
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10-03-16 13:24

manager   ~0057565

Hi, can we do this in the next release?


01-04-16 17:36


image4214.png (810,214 bytes)


01-04-16 17:45

manager   ~0057581

Hi, so attached is a mockup (by sam) of what we would like this widget to look like.

1) It should display news form .com rss as well as .org rss
2) The appearance has changed.

It would be great to get this out in the next version, so I suggest the work-flow, for speed, is this

1) Marie, can you make a group on that makes an RSS feed for us to use (like the one on .org we use). Then pass back to M.

2) Michiel, can you add the new RSS Marie makes into the feed in phpList, so both .com and .org news items show in the feed, then pass back to Marie.

3) Marie, can you play with the appearance to make it look like the picture sam made (or better, cause you got style!) then pass back to me

:) This is going to make our news have lots of extra impact :)


19-04-16 13:36

administrator   ~0057642

the RSS feed on hosted is taken from here:

Just add a new page and it'll start showing.


19-04-16 14:06

administrator   ~0057643

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> the RSS feed on hosted is taken from here:
> [^]

That means that the contents of the feed have always been manually curated, and not fetched from an auto-generated feed, e.g. from Wordpress?


19-04-16 15:45

manager   ~0057647

I think marie still needs to make a group on blog.phplist for our url - this might not be possible from the interface.


19-04-16 15:49

manager   ~0057648

I think there is some confusion here. We are talking about the news feed that self-hosted users see. Not .com clients. That, it seems, is a seperate issue.

The feed that self-hosted clients get is from

What we want to do is add something like to that feed, so users see both .org and .com news in their self-hosted installs


19-04-16 15:52

manager   ~0057649

I made this for the .com clients blog issue


19-04-16 17:39

manager   ~0057651

I made the category (marie does not need to do this)

the feed url is:

so it needs to be added to the newsfeed on self-hosted installs along side the existing feed (

we had some design work to do on this too, but lets wait till the next release for that and just get this feed merged in this time :) :) :)


16-06-16 10:16

manager   ~0057776

replaced by this task to remove some confusion and add an extra element