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0017976phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic21-06-18 13:01
Reporterutagawa Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.2.4 
Summary0017976: ensure uniqid is present for all subscribers
DescriptionWhen looking at open rate, it is almost the same as the click rate within the stats on my 60 000 users mailing list.

Since it was weird I checked the USERTRACK link inserted in the source code and it seems the userid is not passed in the link but &amp is used instead...

An example in the source of some mails sent recently shows this :

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" />

and another one :

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" />

Steps To ReproduceSending mails with [USERTRACK]




30-12-15 19:19

administrator   ~0057436

I don't know how you added your subscribers to the DB, but they do not have a UniqID, which is used here.

If you run processqueue on commandline, it will give all subscribers a UniqID.


31-12-15 17:22

reporter   ~0057437

Thanks for the explanation michiel.

The users are coming form phpbb through a script where we export emails and reload them within phplist, so we do not generate uniqueids.

I'll run processque on mail commandline then and revert.


31-12-15 17:48

reporter   ~0057438

Is there a phplist function to call in our script to generate the uniqid as soon as the email is loaded in phplist table phplist_user_user ?


31-12-15 18:14

administrator   ~0057439

not as a single call, but you can use

By the way, sounds interesting your script. Is it published somewhere?


01-01-16 10:34

reporter   ~0057440

Hi michiel, thanks for the support, nope the script is not published anywhere, but if you give me your eamil, I can sednt eh code to you (this would be a nice extension).
The script is customized for our implementation, but it could be made generic with minimal effort.


04-01-16 11:45

administrator   ~0057442

I've updated this issue to handle the uniqid issue for subscribers. It's fine on commandline, but may need looking at for web-based sending.

for the phpBB related code, please create a new issue and upload your code as an attachment. That way it will have a good place to be dealt with.


04-01-16 11:46

administrator   ~0057443

Also, creation of subscribers from outside sources should use the Rest-API plugin preferably.


06-01-16 12:19

reporter   ~0057446

"for the phpBB related code, please create a new issue and upload your code as an attachment. That way it will have a good place to be dealt with."

Done ! Let me know if you create an official plugin using the Rest-API !