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0017962phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic17-09-16 21:17
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.2.4 
Target Versionnext patchFixed in Version 
Summary0017962: Refresh translations automatically
DescriptionAfter upgrading to 3.2.4, on the Settings page the caption for Logo of the organisation was changed to Name of the organisation. See attached screen shot.

The caption changed after upgrading the code but before upgrading the database. After upgrading the database it was still wrong. I then updated the translations with no change.

The i18N table has the wrong caption, see second screen shot. As it went wrong after upgrading the code but before upgrading the database, does that suggest something in the code has changed?
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10-12-15 14:59

manager   ~0057401

it was wrong in the translation site.,target

Somehow pootle "guessed" the translation, and copied it from the Name of the organisation.

I've updated it, but that may take some time to propagate.


09-04-16 08:30

updater   ~0057587

I have run Update translations and the results showed

english Last updated: 2015-12-07, Last Modified: 2016-04-03

so it was last updated prior to me raising the problem on 10 December. Is there some other process that needs to be run in order for your update to take effect.


10-04-16 19:47

manager   ~0057591

I don't think there is. But the texts are cached in all kinds of places. Has it still not changed for you?


11-04-16 06:43

updater   ~0057592

I didn't realise that I had to click the link of the word "english" on the Update Translations page to actually do the update. I have now done that and the caption has been changed.

Some of the wording on the page is a bit unclear though.
"Last updated" and "last modified" seem to be synonymous. I guess one refers to the local time and the other to the remote time. Perhaps replacing the link of the language name with a link of "Update available" might make it clearer that there are some updates.

Also, as it about four months since your change, should not phplist itself have run the update process? Maybe the frequency of doing that needs to be shortened.


11-04-16 22:39

manager   ~0057600

Hmm, yes, I've never made it auto-update the languages. It's manual only.