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0017933phpList 3 applicationEmailpublic21-06-18 13:05
Reporterpoolet1 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0017933: Incorrect Hostname Provided to SMTP Server
DescriptionHostname reported via SMTP is the website address instead of the domain name. Settings configured in Config -> Settings in the web GUI. While I imagine these are often the same, I wasn't able to send email because I'm running phpList on a different port and that caused the SMTP server to give an 'invalid host name' error. I saw on tcpdump that the "Website address (without http://)" setting was being provided instead of the "Domain Name of your server (for email)".
Steps To Reproduceran command:
tcpdump -i <interface> port 25 -X



28-11-15 17:08

administrator   ~0057354

phpMailer will use the "Hostname" for the SMTP greeting.

This is set in phpList here:

which is first taken from the SERVER_NAME and then it will fall back to the "domain" config setting.

Check that your servername is correct.


30-11-15 23:04

updater   ~0057366

I don't think that this is working as you intend.

phpmailer uses $this->Helo

which is set by phplistmailer to the website address

This is confirmed by using smtp debug


which is my value for "website address", not the "domain name of your server".


01-12-15 08:28

administrator   ~0057367

But is your SERVER_NAME ? Then it is as expected.

I guess we can change it to use the config domain and fall back to SERVER_NAME instead.


01-12-15 09:02

updater   ~0057368

I was trying to explain how the code currently seems to work.

phpmailer uses $this->Helo and if that is not set falls back to use $this->Hostname.

But the code in phplistmailer always seems to set $this->Helo to the website address. It does also set $this->Hostname to SERVER_NAME but because of setting this->Helo that is not used.


01-12-15 23:46

administrator   ~0057371

Ah, yes, true. phplistmailer sets the Helo,

so is not used.

It makes more sense to set the Helo to the "domain" setting. Will change that.