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0017919phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic21-06-18 13:05
ReporterNixPix Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.2.3 
Summary0017919: random spaces added to content of campaigns
DescriptionSince upgrading to 3.2.3 the emails get sent with random spaces inserted between letters. It's not consistent, I'll send a number of test mails of the exact same, unchanged campaign, and each one will have spaces inserted in different places in the received email. Some special characters, such as the apostrophe in "here's", appears as "here's" in the email - but again, it's random, and not every time. I've checked the source code of both the content and the template and it's fine, no spaces.
I'm using the same CKeditor to compose that I was using before updating, and the same templates. (I've also tested with different templates, and a completely plain template as well - still random spaces appearing.)

I rolled back to v3.2.0 and the exact same draft email displays fine, with no additional random spaces or special characters showing as code instead of the character...
Steps To ReproduceCreate a campaign, type message, send test...



12-11-15 11:37

administrator   ~0057197

can you report the PHP version and OS and Mysql?

Also, if you can upload a few examples that would be great.


13-11-15 10:02

administrator   ~0057220

this issue seems serious, but we are unable to replicate the problem. Please provide some more information, so that we can find out the cause of this.


30-11-15 22:45

updater   ~0057363

The upgrade to a later release of phpmailer seems to have caused a few problems, reported in the user forums. Often caused by quoted-printable encoding in an email read in hotmail.


30-11-15 22:56

administrator   ~0057365

Can you post some forum links? It would be good to dig this out. It may be an issue with Hotmail as much as phpMailer.


01-12-15 16:36

updater   ~0057369

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02-12-15 08:54

administrator   ~0057372

thanks. I still can't replicate it. Tried with very long lines on php5.3 etc. Sending to a hotmail account.

I doubt that the proposed solution pop-before-smtp has anything to do with it, but if someone can replicate and demonstrate that, that would help.