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0017859phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic03-08-18 12:59
Reporterjulienl Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.2.1 
Target Versionnext minor 
Summary0017859: Subscribed lists missing
DescriptionIf I'm already subscribed to some lists and I subscribe to a new list, the message say "Thank you for confirming your subscription to our newsletters. The newsletters you are subscribed to are listed below".

But no list ! Instead the message : "We already received your confirmation previously"

See the Example for the dev mailinglist
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related to 0017513 resolvedmichiel When [CONFIRMATIONURL] (?p=confirm) is loaded, PHPList should check if user is NOT confirmed **before** sending welcome email ag 



06-10-15 12:19


bug phplist subscribe.png (49,831 bytes)   
bug phplist subscribe.png (49,831 bytes)   


06-10-15 13:59

administrator   ~0056968

Hi, so this is on your system and you are testing it?

Can you check out the specifics of the list - is it a private one?
Can you double check

1) you were not already on that list
2) if it PUT you on the list despite the error



06-10-15 14:03

administrator   ~0056969

this is a side effect of the fix for 0017513


06-10-15 14:05

administrator   ~0056970

I'm not entirely sure how to juggle the two opposites. I can't imagine this situation is very common though.


06-10-15 14:43

administrator   ~0056973

Can you clarify what the situation is exactly? I am struggling to understand.