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0017853phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic19-11-19 22:33
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Product Version3.2.1 
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Summary0017853: Make link URL column wider in stats page(s) so more of the URL can be seen
DescriptionThe columns on the link stats pages are all the same width, so the url is cut short but the number of clicks and % have loads of empty space around. Suggest column with link name is made wider and others made narrower.

Client suggested and waiting.
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05-10-15 08:35

administrator   ~0056946

that's for mobile rendering. Without cutting it off, it would be too wide on mobiles.

Mariez, is there a way to be wider on desktop and narrow on mobile? Currently the output is cut off by the PHP code, but we could do that with JS instead?


05-10-15 08:38

administrator   ~0056947

Also, gingerling, the entire URL is visible when you hover over the link,


05-10-15 11:05

manager   ~0056949

Also, gingerling, the entire URL is visible when you hover over the link,

> oh yeah... take a while to appear, I guess that is normal though, I will note it to the client.


05-10-15 17:24


Can you help me with the URL of the page?


05-10-15 17:27

administrator   ~0056960

for example


05-10-15 17:50


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The problem with phplist tables is that all has the same class, so for example it is imposible to give a different style to this table with 3 columns
and this table with 5 columns:

So i think we should not play with columns width.

But we can replace the php script with a js script, that way we can manage more characters for desktop and less characters for mobiles.


05-10-15 17:54


the column width will be automatically biger with more characters in this page
or any page with urls, because urls dont' have space to cut


06-10-15 08:29

administrator   ~0056964

So, instead of reducing the text as we do now with PHP, do you think I should just add some spaces in the text so that it wraps better? Would that work across devices, eg desktop and mobile?


06-10-15 16:29


No. I think we should do same as it is in php, but with jquery to leave more chars in big screens, for example:

$(window).resize(function() {
    if( $(this).width() > 1024 ) {
        // code
    else { // code }


07-10-15 10:23

administrator   ~0056978

@M same client also requested that you click the title of column and that sorts the data low/high. There is a mantis for that but can't find it. Can you find it either?


07-10-15 14:54

administrator   ~0056980

please do not cross discuss


07-10-15 15:34


Maybe, Michiel, we you should keep php script but with more characters, so desktop will show more of the url; AND add a jquery script only for small screens. Do you want me to work on this? I can do the jquery and when it is ready in dev, you can modify the php script.


07-10-15 15:39

administrator   ~0056982

yes, good idea. It will be easy to increase the number of characters that is output by the PHP. So, let me know when you're done.

If you need spaces to be able to cut the text easily let me know.


16-10-15 17:15


Michiel, i added some usefull styles to the css

After update css, you can add: class="url" to the "a" element and will show a limited string to 170px with "..." at the end on screens smaller than 768px.
So then you will be able to increase the characters in the php script for urls, without risk.

I also added 2 more styles for hide content on mobile, and show content only on mobile. You can use this as you need.

I will document this on th UI page im working on, under a title HELPER CLASSES.