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0017821phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic19-11-19 22:33
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Product Version3.0.12 
Summary0017821: Breakdown of stats per resend of single campaign

As discussed in google chat, it would be useful for "automated campaigns" to have some statistics broken down per-send. So for example, if we re-send each day or week to new members of the list, we can download the opens, clicks, percents etc per sending instance rather than the aggregated statistics which are displayed usually.

Later, information from an "edit description" system could be included in the download to, to help pinpoint changes to the campaign, and so effects of the change can be examined.

The data needed is already in the system, on the subscriber profiles with the date the campaign was sent being recorded.



10-09-15 12:44


dummy_data.ods (21,764 bytes)


10-09-15 12:57

administrator   ~0056764

I think collating it per time-frame, eg day, week, month will be sufficient for these purposes.


10-09-15 13:02

manager   ~0056765

I really disagree tbh :/ It may be sufficient for us in this one instance, but it would be so so much better if it was per sending instance because it helps us see the impact of changes and understand the tail (which is really important to us too)